"Nuestra Seņora de Balvanera" Parish
The church and organ History
Giovanni Tonoli, 1875 /
Giacomo Locatelli, 1902

The organ

A first instrument was installed in this church in 1842 but we don't know neither the origin nor the person who mounted it. Some elements of that organ were used in 1875 by Alberto Mateo Poggi to install the new organ, probably a Giovanni Tonoli one.
In 1902 the organ builder Donato Sangaletti worked on this instrument using materials purchased to the italian house Giacomo Locatelli which were added to the original Tonoli organ. New console, facade and mechanism were incorporated.
In 1996 after many years of abandone, the organ was repaired by the organ builder Enrique Godoy keeping all of the original elements and mechanism and reincorporating the four highest ranks of "ripieno" which had been taken away in 1902 (new pipes imported from Italy - 33a-36a-40a-43a-).
Five more ranks of "ripieno" can be recalled by means of a small spoon foot pedal. Consecuently, by adding these 9 ranks of "ripieno" to the 16'-8'-4'and 2' principal chorus in Manual I, then we have the biggest ripieno line mounted in a single windchest in Argentina, totalizing 13 ranks.

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