Anglican church "All Saints"
Quilmes - Buenos Aires province
The Organ History
Bryceson organ, year 1864

This organ was originally bought for the Anglican Cathedral in Buenos Aires City. It was installed there in 1864. Then the Cathedral purchased another instrument, a Bishop organ that we can find there nowdays.
After dismounted the organ was stored in a yard in 1895. By then the Anglican Church "All Saints" in Quilmes (about 20 km from Buenos Aires) was in the last phase of its construction. The comission in charge of this new church decided the purchase of the Bryceson organ to the Anglican Cathedral and the organ builder Walter Wainwright was designated to carry on the installation of the instrument in the new place (1896).
Four months after that moment the organ was completely installed in the new Church. The inauguration concert was played by the organist of St. John's Cathedral, Mr. Hiley.
Since then this instrument disposition was altered. Unfortunately, some stops like the Stopped Diapason, Mixture and Oboe of the Swell organ were lost.
Many other reformations were planned but fortunately they were not carried on.
The organ was found in bad status by the organ builder Enrique Godoy when he visited this instrument a couple of years ago. He was in charge of the last restauration for this organ finished in year 2000 to put it again in full service for the church musical activities.

A complete and detailed history of this instrument can be found in this organ's site built by the organ builder Enrique Godoy. Please, visit the Bryceson organ site.