"San Patricio" Parish
(Mercedes - Prov. de Buenos Aires)
The organ and church history
Steinmeyer, G.F. & Strebel, Op 1557, year 1931

The Organ

This great organ was purchased to the Steinmeyer House (from Nürenberg, Germany) in 1931 while the Church building was being constructed. Both the church and the organ were inaugurated in March 1932.
The famous organist Julio Perceval, who played concerts in this organ, thought that this instrument is one of the most beautiful, grandest and perfect ever built for a South American Church.
Among the main characteristics of this unique instrument, we can cite: 4.700 pipes, 72 stops, 11 free combinations, 3 manuals plus pedal plus a fourth keyboard which commands a little additional organ placed far from the great one.

The Church

Mercedes was one of the cities in Argentina which received many Irish inmigrants. They built the first little church dedicated to Saint Patrick in 1892.
But then, in 1930 the Irish comunity decided that a new and great building had to be constructed according to the importance that they had adquired in the local society. That October the construction began and a year later the Church was finished (1931).
The inauguration was delayed until March 17th 1932 since that day corresponded to the 1500 aniversary of Saint Patrick arrival to Ireland.
The building was recently restaured (October 2003).

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Authors: Rafael Ferreyra & David Merello
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