Santa Cruz (Holy Cross) Parish
The Church and Organ History
Walcker, 1916

The Organ

A gift to the parish from Miss. Catalina D. de Llanón.
Inaugurated in May 20 th, 1916 by the organists: Luis V. Ochoa, R. Moreau, W.S. Lacey and A. Gennari.
Reinaugurated after some additions in September 20 th ,1931 by José Reuter and Mario Ansuini.
There is a second twin console, placed in a balcony at the left side of the main nave. (Disconnected)

1916: Walcker 2 manuals and pedal with pneumatic action.
1931: Enlarged to 3 keyboards with Laukhuff materials plus electropneumatic action.

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Authors: Rafael Ferreyra & David Merello
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